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Laser Lipo Cape Town

Laser Lipo Cape Town privately owned clinic was opened in 1998. This fully equipped plastic surgery facility, where the operating theatre opens out to a tranquil courtyard offers our patients a unique experience.

Laser Lipo Cape Town - The Procedure

LipoLite feature OptiPulse technology, which optimizes the mechanical breakdown of target tissue and the thermal destruction of fat cell membranes during procedures. OptiPulse utulizes two unique pulse energy levels and pulse repetition rates to provide physicians with precise control.This procedure is normally performed under local anethestic, and the patient goes home a few hours thereafter. Bruising is nominal, but can occur, and is a lot less painful than traditional Lipolazer

Optimal areas:
  • Chin and jowls
  • Saggy arms
  • Back
  • Lower and upper stomach
  • Male breasts
Laser Lipo Cape Town - Benefits

For patients, LipoLite is both minimally invasive alternative and a complement to traditional liposuction fat-removing procedures. The procedure requires only local anesthetic and is designed to provide patients lasting result with LipoLite. It allows us to remove fat in body areas that were not possible with traditional liposuction little downtime and a high level of safety and most IMPORTANTLY SKIN TIGHTENING. Downtime is only 2 days and then stitches are removed.